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Cooking Ham Hocks and Shanks

* Place ham hock or shank in a crock pot or pan with just enough water to cover. Cook on low or simmer 6+ hours or overnight. The longer you cook them, the more tender and nutrient rich it gets. You can add a tsp or so of vinegar to help draw out nutrients from the ham hock. You can also add a variety of veggies and spices while cooking to flavor your stock even more if desired.

* Pour contents into another bowl through a strainer to separate out the broth. Add the meat back to the broth if desired, and discard the scraps. (Your dogs will love the scraps and bone!)

*** If you chose to add the meat back in, try not to stir the hock while it is cooking so the meat doesn't separate. It is VERY tender when cooked this way.

Your ham or pork broth is done and is ready to use, freeze, or can.

Our favorite uses for ham both are ham and noodles, bean soup, and lentil soup, and our favorite uses for shanks are fajitas, pulled pork and BBQ pork sandwiches, and flavoring rice and noodles with the broth.

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